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AK47 MAK90 AK74

8440 Ulmerton Rd Suite 500, Largo, Florida 33771

We offer a large selection of military surplus firearms, parts and accessories from around the world.  We have a retail shop in Largo, Florida.  Please  email us with your surplus inventory you are wanting to sell 

  This site is No Longer being updated. Please visit the following link to go to the updated site which has a secure shopping cart. We Accept credit cards.


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Home AK Rifle Drum Pouch, Gray, East German AK Rifle Side Rail Scope Mount AK 47, AK47, MAK90 5rd Magazine AK47, AK 47, MAK90 30rd Magazine AK47, AK 47 Rifle Magazine Loading Tool AK 47, AK47 MAK90 SCOPE/Laser Combo AK 47, AK47, Draganov 6X24 Scope AK 47 Buttstock & Pistol Grip Combo AK 47 Side Rail Scope Mount AK 47 Buttpad Extension AK SKS Chinese Sling AK 47 Pistol Grips AK 47 Magazine Clamp Egyptian MISR10 10rd Single Stack Magazine AK 47 Pistol Grip Screw AK 47 Hammer AK 47 Sear AK 47 Trigger AK 47 Gas Piston AK East German Folding Stock Set AK 47 Stamped Receiver AK47 , MAK90 Barrel Assembly AK47 , MAK90 Milled Receiver AK74 , AK 74 Stripper & Charger Set AK74 5.45X39 30rd Magazine AK74 Magazine Set with Pouch AK74 East German Cleaning Kit AK MAK90 VALMET GALIL Recoil Buffer AK74, MAK90, AK47 East German Stock Set AK74, MAK90, AK47 Rifle Underfolder Stock AK74 AK47 MAK90 Sling AK 47 , MAK90 Cleaning Rod AK47 7.62  Buttstock Cleaning Kit AK47 MAK90 Draganov Stock Set AK47 Chinese Bayonet Orange AK47 Chinese Bayonet Black AK74 East German Sling AK Rifle Night Sights


AK Rifle Parts and Accessories

AKNIGHTSIGHTS.jpg (4742 bytes) AK 47/74 Rifle Night Sights 15.00 set

MAGAZINE762AK5RD.jpg (6866 bytes)  AK Rifle 5 Round Magazine 7.62X39 10.00

MAGAZINE762AK30rd.jpg (8547 bytes)  AK Rifle 30 Round Magazine 7.62X39 15.00

MISR10MAGAZINE10.jpg (5811 bytes) MISR10 10rd Egyptian Single Stack Magazine 20.00

                  Romanian 10rd Single Stack 7.62X39 Magazine 18.00

AKMAGAZINELOADER.jpg (4962 bytes)   AK Rifle Magazine Loading Tool 7.62X39 8.00

AK Rifle 7.62X39 Stripper Clips 7.62X39 20 for 10.00

AK74MAGAZINE30.jpg (4394 bytes) AK74 Rifle 30 Round Magazine 5.45X39 USED 8.00, EXC 12.00

AK74STRIPPERSET.jpg (6599 bytes) AK74 Rifle Stripper/Charger Set 5.45X39 8.00

AKDRUMPOUCHRAINGERMAN.jpg (22505 bytes) AK74/AK47 4 Pocket Magazine Pouch 6.00

AK74 MAGSET.jpg (6900 bytes) AK74 Rifle 30 Round Magazine Set 5.45X39 45.00

AK74CLEANINGKIT.jpg (8659 bytes) AK74 5.45X39 Cleaning Kit 6.00

AK74SLINGEASTGERMAN.jpg (5479 bytes) AK74 East German Sling, EXC 5.00

AKRECOILBUFFER.jpg (3979 bytes) AK/VALMET/GALIL Rifle Recoil Buffer 14.99

AKSTOCKSETEASTGERMAN.jpg (4494 bytes) AK Stamped Receiver East German Stock Set 49.00

AK Stamped Receiver Wood Set 59.00 NOT AVAILABLE

AKUNDERFOLDER.jpg (7678 bytes) AK Underfolder Replacement Stock 39.00  SOLD OUT

AKGERMANFOLDERSET.jpg (4880 bytes) AK Sidefolding East German Stock Set 79.00

AKBUTTSTOCKCOMBO.jpg (5069 bytes) AK Pistol Grip/Buttstock Combo 45.00

AKSLINGEASTBLOC.jpg (7779 bytes) AK Sling, Eastern European 12.00

SKS_AKSLINGCHINA.jpg (8172 bytes) AK/SKS Sling, Chinese 6.00

Mvc-390s.jpg (22375 bytes)  SKS Rifle Sling, Chinese, Used  3.00

AKCLEANINGROD.jpg (1739 bytes) AK Cleaning Rod  10.00

AKCLEANKITBUTTSTOCK.jpg (15360 bytes) AK Buttstock Cleaning Kit 6.00

AKDRAGANOVATISTOCK.jpg (7847 bytes) AK Draganov Stock 59.00

AK Replacement Sights 5pc 6.00

AK Replacement Sights 3pc 5.00

AKBAYOCHINABLACK.jpg (5878 bytes) AK Bayonet Chinese Black 39.00

AKBAYOCHINAORANGE.jpg (4137 bytes) AK Bayonet Chinese Orange 39.00

AK Bayonet Chinese Pattern 1 39.00

AK Bayonet, East German Pattern 1

AK Bayonet East German Pattern 2, 35.00

AK Bayonet East German Pattern 3, 30.00

AK Bayonet Hungarian NOT AVAILABLE

AK Pouches...

AK Shoulder Pouch, holds 4 30 or 40rd Mags 15.00

AK Chest Bandolier T63 , Holds 7 Chinese 20rd mags 15.00

AK T63 Combat Belt, Holds 20rd Chinese Mags and Grenades 15.00

AK Muzzle Brakes, hiders....

7.62 X39 Broken Shell Extractor 12.00

.223 Broken Shell Extractor 12.00

AKRECEIVERSTAMPED.jpg (4545 bytes) AK Stamped Receiver, FFL Required 149.00

AKRECEIVERMILLED.jpg (4976 bytes) AK Milled Receiver, FFL Required 199.00

AKBARRELASSY.jpg (4035 bytes) AK Barrel Assembly 89.00 NOT AVAILABLE

AKSEAR.jpg (2890 bytes) AK Sear Cost is 10.00 

AKTRIGGER.jpg (4911 bytes) AK Trigger Cost is 10.00 

AKHAMMER.jpg (5048 bytes) AK Hammer Cost is 10.00 

AKGASPISTON.jpg (2200 bytes) AK Gas Piston Cost is 15.00 

AKBUTTPAD.jpg (4499 bytes) AK Buttpad Extension 8.00

MAK90 Buttstock 25.00

AK Wood Buttstock 35.00

AKGRIPCHINAWOOD.jpg (4929 bytes) AKGRIPGERMAN.jpg (5062 bytes) AKGRIPROMANIARED.jpg (5885 bytes) AKGRIPUSABLACK.jpg (4922 bytes) AKGRIPWOODUSA.jpg (4239 bytes) AK Pistol Grips 15.00

AKGRIPSCREW.jpg (3605 bytes) AK Pistol Grip Screw 8.00

AK 7.62X39 Cleaning Kits 6.00

.30 Caliber Swiss Cleaning Kit

AK Detachable Bipod 25.00

AK Blank Firing Adapter 14X1 LH 6.00

7.62X39 Blanks 100rds, 20.00

7.62X39 Plastic core, 100rds 20.00

7.62X39 Ammunition 100rds 15.00, 1000rds 120.00

AK Gas Port Cleaning Tool 3.00 NOT AVAILABLE

AK Sight Tool, Elevation and Windage

 AKMAGAZINECLAMP.jpg (5594 bytes) AK Magazine Clamp, Holds 3- 30rd Magazines 12.00

AKSIDEMOUNTNIMP11.jpg (7473 bytes)  AK Rifle Side Rail Scope Mount 69.00 NOT AVAILABLE

AKSIDEMOUNTSCRW.jpg (4594 bytes) AK Rifle Side Rail Scope Mount with Allen Screws 49.00

                  SAME As Above with Weaver Base 49.00

AKSIDERAIL.jpg (2694 bytes)  AK Rifle Side Rail for Scope Mount 25.00

AKSCOPELASERCOMBO1.jpg (7858 bytes)  AK Rifle Scope/Laser Combo with case 350.00 NOT AVAILABLE

AK6X24SCOPE.jpg (9585 bytes)  AK/Draganov Style 6X24 Scope and Mount  200.00

AK Rifle Web Gear and Magazine Pouches

AKDRUMPOUCHGERMANSNAP.jpg (16110 bytes)  AKDRUMPOUCHGRAYGERMANBUTTON.jpg (12124 bytes)  AK Rifle Drum Pouches, Gray, E German 12.00

AKDRUMPOUCHRAINGERMAN.jpg (22505 bytes)  AK Rifle Drum Pouch, Raindrop Pattern, East German 12.00

AKDRUMPOUCHRUBBERGERMAN.jpg (11929 bytes)  AK Rifle Drum Pouch, Rubberized Canvas, E German 12.00

AKDRUMPOUCHROMANIAN.jpg (13020 bytes)  AK Rifle Drum Pouch, Canvas, Romanian 12.00

AKDRUMPOUCHCHINESE.jpg (13637 bytes)  AK Rifle Drum Magazine Pouch, Canvas, Chinese 12.00

AKDRUMPOUCHBUTTONRUSSIA.jpg (9187 bytes)  AKDRUMPOUCHLTHRBTTNRUSSIA.jpg (7922 bytes) AK Rifle Drum Pouches, Canvas, Russian 20.00



Shopping Cart is enabled

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